At Jump, we pride ourselves in making super useful tools that help video editors do their jobs faster and more efficiently. We are an international team of technologists, video editors, and creatives who love film and creating cutting edge technology.

Our Jump AI video editing software is the first AI-powered video editing tool that works as an extension within Premiere Pro to dramatically speed up your video production time.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Jump enables you to find specific scenes in your footage in less than a minute. An pro video editors tell us that Jump cuts their production times by as much as 35%*, freeing their schedules to work on the things they enjoy the most.

Video editors who work on sensitive material, such as movie trailers and videos about new product releases, tell us they especially like how Jump lets you keep your video files on your own computer vs. in the cloud, which reduces the odds of sensitive footage being leaked while it’s still under wraps.

If you have any questions or feedback for us, please reach out. We always want to hear your opinions and ideas. Until then, we hope you enjoy using Jump!


*Jump Business Intelligence, 2019.

Speed Up Your Video Production Time