11 Faster Video Editing Tips for Premiere Pro

11 Faster Video Editing Tips for Premiere Pro

At Jump, we focus on helping professional video editors do their jobs faster and more efficiently – so you have more time to be creative or spending time expanding your other video editing skill set. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for faster video editing with Premiere Pro from some of the leading professionals in the industry, as well as from the Adobe Premiere Pro forums.

1. “5 Tips for Faster Video Editing!” by Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is a popular YouTube vlogger who helps creative professionals promote themselves and build their businesses. He’s edited well over 1,000 videos using Premiere Pro. He says he’s prolific when it comes to churning out tons of content, which is essential in today’s social media-driven world.

Roberto says he lays the groundwork first, and then this helps him be as efficient as possible. He argues that, while quality is important, once you reach a certain threshold of quality, you should not keep tweaking it; go with what you have. His motto is, as they say at Facebook, is: “Done is better than perfect.”

Roberto reasons that time is a finite resource that you won’t get back, so paying attention to your editing speed is absolutely critical. After all, if you’re efficient with your editing, then you lose valuable opportunities to be more innovative, get more work done, and even have more personal time for yourself. In this video, he covers everything from getting organized to camera presets and more. If you like this video, be sure to subscribe to Roberto’s YouTube channel.

2. “How to EDIT FAST in Premiere Pro!” by Peter McKinnon

If there are influencers in the world of professional photography and videography, then Peter McKinnon is definitely one of them. With well over two million subscribers to his YouTube channel, he offers insightful and useful tips for pro video editors, no matter what your specialty is.

In this short video, Peter shows you how to quickly edit your video clips to the beat of your background music using Premiere Pro’s “Automate to Sequence” tool.

Be sure to subscribe to Peter’s YouTube channel for more great tips.

3. “Become a BEAST at Premiere Pro FAST!” by Peter McKinnon

In this video about how to be faster and more efficient with Premiere Pro, Peter McKinnon cover two tips that he uses every time he edits a video. The first one shows the advantage of using Smooth Scroll over Page Scroll during your editing process. And the second tip shows you how to organize your footage in the bins on the left side of your workspace and color coding them. He picked the latter tip up while attending a lecture at Adobe MAX.

4. “One Tip that Will Save You a Ton of Time” by Peter McKinnon

Another gem by video editing master Peter McKinnon, this one covers how you can loop tracks from within Premiere Pro to any time duration that you need. In this video, Peter shows you how to use the Properties > Remix tool, then Target Duration se the track to however long you need it to be. The result is a seamless track with perfect cuts, and way less work than doing it the manual way.

5. “10 Tips for Editing Videos Faster with Premiere Pro” by Computer Clan

Computer Clan describe themselves as a “family of techies.” They provide a range of tips and tutorials on tech-related topics, such as recovering data from a failed hard drive and making your Mac run faster.

In this video, they zero in on Premiere Pro, offering 10 tips on how to edit your videos faster. They offer a number of Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts for everything from nudging clips with more precision than you can do with your mouse, to going forwards or backwards on your timeline with slow motion, to adding default transitions. Check out their YouTube channel to see more useful tips.


6. Faster Video Editing Using Artificial Intelligence with Jump

Jump Faster Video Editing Software

Using AI-powered scene and facial recognition algorithms, Jump helps you speed up your video editing workflow by finding ever instance of select people in your raw footage, so don’t miss key people in your final edit. This makes it especially helpful for use cases like editing wedding videos or events with dozens of people. Professional editors have said it can cut their labor hours down by 30% or more. It’s also a useful tool if you edit footage from multi-cam events or footage that you’re not familiar with, and don’t know who all the people are in the videos you’re editing. Jump also has scene selection tools, making it easy to get to exact scenes in your footage.

7. Adobe “Work Smarter and Faster” Editing Tips

Guy Editing Video

Most professional video editors we work with use the knowledgebase and forums on the Adobe site to get tutorials and useful tips for editing faster in Premiere Pro. This article on the Adobe site covers efficiency tips that may not be as commonly knowns as Premiere Pro’s more dramatic features, like special effects. Yes taking the time to learn more of these efficiency tips can give your more time in the long run to work on the fun stuff – like special effects. Tips included in this article and video include:

  • Advanced keyboard shortcuts
  • Reverse match frame
  • Manual sync offsets
  • Multiple keyboard shortcuts
  • Playback preferences
  • Set to frame size
  • Export multiple items
  • Maintain pitch
  • Multiple media browsers
  • Create a new Premiere Pro project from a sequence

8. Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Computer Keyboard

For a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts for Premiere Pro, check out this page on Adobe. You get a keyboard diagram that shows you which keys are already designated, and which can be customized for shortcuts. You’ll also get a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows or Mac OS. Learning these shortcuts can be like learning a musical instrument for the first time. While there’s a learning curve at the beginning, you can see how with regular use, you’ll start doing things automatically and it will increase your productivity dramatically.

9. “26 Simple Tricks for Faster Editing Video” by Derek Lieu

Derek Lieu is a freelance trailer editor who also blogs about video editing tips and tricks. In this post, he shares keyboard shortcuts and techniques that he uses the most in his day to day work in order to be faster and more efficient. He says that while trimming shortcuts isn’t that sexy, learning how to be more efficient about it can give you more valuable time for other tasks. In his opinion, the Adobe site is lacking in some key tips, so be sure to visit Derek’s site to expand your Premiere Pro skill set.

10. “How to INSTANTLY Edit Video Faster in Premiere Pro with Keyboard Shortcuts” by Austin Newman

Austin Newman is another YouTube vlogger who offers useful tips to speed up your video editing workflow. In this video, he zeroes in on the keyboard shortcuts that dramatically sped up his own video editing process. These tips are especially useful for doing quick edits if you produce video content in quantity, such as for YouTube and social media.

11. “10 Tips to Edit Videos Faster in Adobe Premiere Pro” by Joe Coburn at Make Use Of

Video Editing on a Mac

Make Use Of (MUO) is a tech website that says they bridge the gap between users, computers, devices, and the Internet. This article covers some video editing basics that are worth checking out, just to make sure you’re aware of all of them.

Some of the Premiere Pro efficiency tips they cover include using proxies to get higher performance out of your system, using adjustment layers, and using the Playback Zoom level controls to adjust the size of your playback monitor, which can boost performance.

We’ll be adding more tips to this post, so be sure to check back soon.

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