What Is AI Video Editing?

What Is AI Video Editing?

AI video editing software uses artificial intelligence to make video editing easier, more efficient, and in some cases more creative, for editors. The use of AI for video editing is still in its nascent stages, but the technology is improving, literally, on a daily basis. To what extent AI will impact the film, video, and motion graphics industries and professional editors is still unknown, but it does promise to change the way we edit and produce films, videos, and TV programs.

How is AI used in video editing?

Long used in the video gaming industry, AI is also already used in e-commerce, such as with additional product recommendations, and in the voice recognition systems in cars. In addition, AI is already being used in video production in a number of ways.

  • Jump’s AI-powered video editing software enables professional editors to quickly find all instances of specific people in raw video footage. In addition, it can find all instances of a specific person smiling or showing another type of emotion. This makes it easy for editors to make sure they get the best shots of individuals for final cuts, movie trailers, television promos, and more. As well, it ensures no one of left out of a final edit, which is especially useful for an editor who is unfamiliar with the material or the subjects they’ve been asked to edit.
  • Jump also uses AI to find specific scenes in video footage, another AI feature that helps speed up production time.
  • Google is already curating online videos based on key terms and editing them to create short clips for previews.
  • AI and machine learning (ML) are now being used for automated cropping, color balancing, and audio processing of films.
  • Snapchat is using AI in conjunction with computer generated imagery (CGI) to make the face filters and face swap effects in their app more realistic-looking. (Source: CXO Today)

Some future applications of AI in video editing processes might include:

  • Sophisticated clip organization based on what is being said in a film, such as key phrases used and who is saying them.
  • Auto-editing of entire films that are formulaic, such as news stories or corporate videos. (Source: EditStock)

It is not expected that AI will take away film editors’ jobs. Although, it could impact very junior editing jobs that only do the tedious work. AI does stand to shift the way editors do their jobs and also where they spend their time on projects.

Film and video editing is still an art, and just as the electric guitar did not destroy the acoustic guitar, but it did change the way music was played and create new genres of music, AI is adding exciting layers of functionality to video editing that will appeal to technically curious video editors who like to continually improve their skill sets.

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