Jump Premiere Pro Extension: Quick Start Guide

Jump speeds up your video production workflow.
  • Indexes your videos based on facial recognition, as well as scene change points.
  • Makes selection of clip points easy. Plus, it lets you navigate to specific points of interest in your footage fast!

Usage Instructions

The following workflow is for using Jump as an extension within Premiere Pro.

1. Installation

  • Download and install the Jump application using this link.
  • NOTE: A restart of Premiere Pro is required after the installation.

2. Launch Jump

  • Launch Premiere Pro. [Minimum Required Version: v12.1]
  • Open a new/existing project in Premiere Pro.
  • Select Jump Selection Tool in Windows->Extensions->Premiere Pro.

Jump Premiere Pro Extension User Guide 1

  • This will launch the Jump extension inside Premiere Pro, and the Jump desktop application in the background.

Jump Premiere Pro User Guide 2

3. Load Video Files to Process

  • Select clips in the Premiere Pro Project List that you'd like to index. [1]
  • Click on Add Project Items in the Jump extension to start processing them. [2]
  • The green progress bar indicates the processing status for your video. Allow Jump to complete the indexing in the background. [3]

Jump Premiere Pro User Guide 3

4. Navigate Using Faces

  • Subjects Window: View the list of people in the video. [NOTE: Multiple selections are possible.] [4]
  • Expressions Window: Displays the different instances where a person appears. [NOTE: Multiple selections are possible.] [5]
  • Click on an item in the Expressions Window to navigate to that specific location in the Premiere Pro Source Player.

Jump Premiere Pro User Guide 4

5. Navigate Using Scene Change Points

  • Scenes Window: Switch to the Scenes Tab in order to view different scenes in the video. [6]
  • Camera Shots Window: This displays the quick transitions between camera angles within the selected scene. [7]

Jump Premiere Pro User Guide 5

6. Track Your Selections in Premiere Pro

  • Making a selection in the Expressions Tab will find that specific time-segment in the Premiere Pro Source Player. [8]
  • The In/Out points are automatically marked. [9]

Jump Premiere Pro User Guide 6

Speed Up Your Video Production Time