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How It Works


Launch Jump from within Premiere Pro.


Jump applies its AI algorithms to your raw footage.


Select a subject, an expression, or a scene.


Jump quickly finds every instance in your footage.

Key Features

Jump Faster Video Editing Software

Identifies and locates faces in your video footage

Whether you’re editing videos where you can’t leave key people out in your final cut, or videos from a multi-cam event you’re not familiar with, Jump finds every instance of key people in the footage using its proprietary AI-powered algorithms.

Finds specific shots and scenes in your videos

Ever had trouble finding the exact starting point of a scene? Jump takes you directly there – to every new shot in your footage.

Saves time in your video production process

Wish you had more time for more important activities? Jump dramatically speeds up your production process so you can focus on other important and creative parts of your job.

Works seamlessly inside of Premiere Pro

Simply download Jump, then open it in Premiere Pro. Once you restart Premiere Pro, select an existing project or start a new one. Then, select the Jump extension and you’ll be ready to go. See the Jump User Guide for more details.

Works with a variety of video formats

Do you work with different video formats depending on the job? Jump can handle any video format that Premiere Pro supports.

Using Jump is fast and easy.

Check out the User Guide.

What Pro Video Editors Say About Jump

Nelson James

“The software itself is great! It identifies the people in all the clips, and I'm able to click on the faces and see scenes where they are. What I use a lot is Jump's scenes tab. It's something I haven't seen before in any other software. It's great!”

-Nelson James, Film Maker and Video Editor

Lucas Blaise

“Most video editors don't have a workflow for working through large amounts of footage, but this program allows it... The scenes option in Jump was intuitive and powerful… Hands down win there. Initial impression is that it's a wonderful program… HUGE FAN!”

-Lucas Blaise, Blazing Web Services, Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist

"I'm delighted with Jump's face detection. I haven't seen this in any other software that I worked with."

-Aleksandar Grozdanović, Video Editor

“Jump is great in terms of capturing moments, which is essential in short films, wedding videos, etc. It’s great in capturing emotions, which cannot be done with Final Cut Pro or iMovie. Jump can save around 30% of my time in video editing for a specific project.”

-Ojaswein Gupta, Video Editor